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 "Having skimmed my hard copy of Darrel’s book, which is well supported by an abundance of good pictures (many in color), I  think it will be hard to put down. But at 400 pages, it might take more than one sitting. At present, this fighter pilot’s book is  available in E-book versions for a modest price ($9.99) at Amazon or iTunes. But for more information. I recommend you visit  Darrel’s website at http://www.darrelcouch.com/home.html where you can learn more about the book and read some extracts.  Originally a self-published hardback, this 8 x 10.5 beauty is available only from the author right now, but would be a wise  investment for serious collectors of serious aviation books. Phone: 501-888-7282. Ed."   

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 "BUY IT.......YOU WILL LOVE IT !!!, October 10, 2014 * * * * *  

 By  Evelyn (Little Rock, AR, United States)

​ This review is from: I Used To Do That: Darrel Couch (Kindle Edition) "This is a great book !!! Love the seasons Of his life! They  are  short stories about Flying Jets...this man has a gift that makes a person laugh one minute and Cry another another! You  can  pick it  up And read it in snippets!!"

 This is a data-dump from a guy who lived. A lot. * * * * *     
 by wily

 This is a memoir. Not a novel, nor is it a historical narrative or chronicle. And, as a memoir, it’s raw, personal and—I  suspect—painfully honest. For this reason alone, I give it 5 stars on account of the courage it took to put it all out there for  the world, especially on a topic that tends to get a lot of attention. 

 Also, as a memoir, it covers a life, so there are moments where the reader can be drawn into details that probably don’t  matter a whole lot.


 There are two facets of this book that make it an excellent read, period: Couch can WRITE and Couch FLEW a lot of combat.  If you buy this book on those two aspects alone, you’re in for a good time. Written in short, almost anecdotal form, the book  can be picked up and read at virtually any point. The book is divided into 18 “Life Seasons” - each one a container for a host  of stories and shorts that rarely go over two pages each. I like this style very much and it lent itself to fast page turning. 

 I get the impression that Couch is the kind of guy you want to fish with; he writes as he talks…of sorties in an F-100, F-4,  flying FAC and self-conscious admissions of PTSD how that’s worked out for him. A day on the boat would seem like an  hour and saying good night wouldn’t be a slap on the back and “Hey, see ya” but a sober handshake and a “Thank you,  Darrel. Same time next week?”

 If there’s one complaint, it’s that Couch uses military jargon with the typical unconscious ease of 99% of military folk.  Fortunately, he explains flight and systems with exceptional clarity…but be prepared for a few acronyms. 

 I’ve already recommended the book to others who are interested in Vietnam ops and have found a number of excellent  quotes to forward, too.