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Some Chapters ("Seasons") from "I Used To Do That" A Hometown Fighter Pilot's Story:

Featured Author: Darrel B. Couch

"After starting this book I became well aware I was a story teller, not a novelist. Whether we were swapping stories when we were kids, students in school, flying planes, sitting alert, or talking around a hunting campfire, we were all just telling stories. One of the standard saying all my life was, “The first liar doesn’t stand a chance.”


You will note, my title does not say a fighter planes’ story, but a fighter pilot’s story. I did write about the airplanes I flew, but many of my stories are about my personal life and family and friends with whom I interacted. I want you to see the personal side of the job of a military fighter pilot and the families of those pilots."

"I Used To Do That" A Hometown Fighter Pilot's Story

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My Life

Sample Chapter

Season 6


That was Close!

My Life

Sample Chapter

Season 16

Life After