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Meet the Hometown Fighter Pilot

"Travel back in time with me and relive my life - from growing up, to becoming a United States Air Force pilot flying the best training and fighter aircraft of my time.

Let your easy chair, recliner, or rocking chair, become your ejection seat in the complex supersonic office of the fighter pilot. Your ability to enjoy the experience is limited only by your imagination. In full vicarious experience, you can become that fighter pilot."

‚Äč"I Used To Do That" A Hometown Fighter Pilot's Story

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I Used to Do That is Darrel Couch's big debut. What began as a collection of short stories covering events from the beginning of his first memories to the end of last week, has blossomed into a popular journal of the real life experience and a "behind the scenes" look into the world of one man's journey of growing up during the years of the Great Depression to his days as a successful fighter pilot and beyond. It is read with pleasure by young and old. To read some samples click on the "Learn more >" link to the right of this text box.